Netflix addict.
Fluent in sarcasm.
Majoring in Human Development.
Aspiring to be a Child Life Specialist.
Going nowhere in life - so I just sit down and crochet the day away.
Graduating early anyway.
A Life Worth Living

Be not afraid of life.
Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.
-William James
I know what I want to do with my life

But I have to get up off my lazy ass and just DO IT.

In order to graduate in December 2015 preferably as a CCLS, I need to complete 150 hours volunteering with kids in the hospital, and just as much if not more, in a well setting. In my final semester, I need to get my internship at Dell Children’s or my HDF practicum. Before I even think about doing that, I need to take part in a Child Life Practicum at an esteemed children’s hospital before I even think about applying for that internship. They are so selective, they will weed me out so fast if I don’t have Erickson and Piaget down pat as well as having taken part in that damn practicum.

Why did I tell myself I would graduate early? No matter what happens, I am holding myself to that challenge though. I have worked hard to be so far ahead without transferring in any hours from high school.

I am about to finish my second year in college. Say a student took 15 hours a semester to graduate in 4 years, they would be 50% done with school by the time they finish their sophomore year. I have achieved Junior classification, 60+ hours in only one and a half years of college. When I finish my second year in a few weeks, I will be 63% done with college, and by the time I enter next fall, I will be 70% done. Praise Jesus for summer transfer credits. If I play my cards right and continue to take more classes than the minimum for full time, and if I get the internship my last semester (fall 2015, it will be full time 40 hours a week), I’ll only need to take 5 or 6 credit hours.

It feels good to know that I have challenged myself, that I have not taken it easy on myself, and that it will pay off in the end and I will not be as stressed my last semester when I will have a time and energy consuming practicum or internship.

Don’t even know my own tumblr password

Like you aren’t even done with your undergraduate degree. HOW DO YOU HAVE TIME TO PLAN A WEDDING?! I don’t even have time to eat breakfast in the mornings

I’m about to take a shit on this human body exam